The independent Christian hip hop artist Gemstar released his highly-anticipated single ‘Figure It Out.’ The remarkable new track offers a compelling early insight into ‘Broken Chains,’ Gemstar’s forthcoming studio album. Featuring the eclectic Nashville-based southern rocker Moccasin Creek, this new track is sure to be a defining entry in both artist’s growing discographies.

Born and raised in Roosevelt, New York, Gemstar eventually found his way to the Sunshine State and launched Dubplanet Media as its co-founder. With a lifelong passion for his craft, Gemstar has become a prolific voice in the hip hop community, releasing a slew of acclaimed mixtapes, singles, and albums. He has also collaborated with some of the finest rising talent in the industry and opened for multi-platinum artists.


Moccasin Creek, formed in 2011 by Jeff McCool, is one of the most versatile acts in the southern music scene, elegantly blending hip hop, southern rock, and country themes into creative sonic landscapes quite unlike anything else in the music community. Their sound exudes authenticity and intensity, thus aligning perfectly with the music of Gemstar.

‘Figure It Out’ is a stunningly penned ballad of faith that captures the humility, humanity, and love that makes Gemstar’s music so very unique. “We can take a trip around the world til’ we figure it out, but we’re all a bunch of lost souls,” Gemstar croons in the anthemic hooks that harness the power of his strong faith into a beautifully infectious song worth paying close attention to.

Listeners can connect with Gemstar and Moccasin Creek below on their official websites and social networking. ‘Figure It Out’ is available now for streaming and download on all major music platforms. The single was produced by Wes Breit with cover art by Ryan Fleming. BUY NOW